Problem Based Learning

Rabbi Channen

What is Problem Based Learning?

Rabbi Daniel Channen uses drawings to convey a particular halacha where a student can visualize a situation and have a discussion with his mentor and guide to better understand the halacha. The front of the card illustrates the topic and the back of the card gives you the situation and sources. Please take a look at the pictures below.

front of the card
Card 2
back of the card

How Does PBL Differ From "Doing A Project"?

Often times students are asked to create a project after attending a series of lectures. These projects are called "Dessert Projects", short, intellectually light projects served up after the teacher covers the content of a unit in the usual way through a lecture. PBL asks the teacher to change roles from the "Sage of the Stage" to the "Guide on the Side". As a guide, the teacher uses PBL to encourage communication, critical thinking and problem solving. By using their natural higher-order thinking skills in order to dissect a case study, the students work harder and remember more than they would at a lecture.

Pick A Card You Would Like To Dedicate

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