Parshas Toldos

The Woman of Valor Acts Immediately

Rivka overheard Yitzchak tell Esav to prepare him delicacies "so that my soul may bless you before I die." She immediately went to Yaakov and told him that she will prepare the delicacies that Yitzchak loved. "Then bring it to your father and he shall eat, so that he may bless you before his death."

A Person Must Weigh the Consequences

Yaakov was afraid and he replied, "Perhaps my father will feel me and I shall be seen as a mocker in his eyes; I will thus bring upon myself a curse rather than a blessing."

Rivka replies, "Your curse be on me…."

Would You Endanger Your Mother?

The question one must ask at this point is why Yaakov agreed to proceed with this dangerous deception knowing it could put his mother in grave jeopardy?

For example, if a mother says that she is willing to go to jail in place of her son, what son would allow this? If anything, now that Rivka is in danger it should be more of a reason for Yaakov to resist! As long as there is any chance that Rivka will be harmed, Yaakov's natural reaction should be to protect her.

A Mother Will Give Her Life for Her Children

The Iban Ezra explains that Rivka's pledge was the universal language of women. A mother gives her life for the sake of her children. The blessing and success of the children is the blessing and success of their mother, likewise the curse and failure of the children is the curse and failure of their mother.

This is why Rivka says at the end of the parsha that if Yaakov takes a wife from bnai Chais, "what is life to me?"

This is why Rachel Imainu says to Yaakov in next week's parsha, "Give me children, otherwise I am dead."

Building A Bayit Ne’eman

The natural state of a woman is to put all her efforts into raising a family. Yaakov's failure to receive the ultimate blessing from Yitzchak would have been a fate equal to death for Rivka. It was the mesiras nefesh on the part of his mother, who willingly put her life on the line, which gave Yaakov the strength to risk his life for the blessing too. This would assure that future generations would uphold the Torah.

Hashem Hears a Mother’s Prayers Above All

Furthermore, Hashem greatly cherishes the love that a mother has for her children. When Bnai Yisrael were led into exile the only entreaty that was accepted was that of Rachel Immainu.

The Coronavirus

Our women of valor are true heroes. The very survival of our nation in galus depends on the chinuch of our children and it falls on the shoulders of our great women. This is especially true during the social upheaval caused by the Coronavirus forcing schools to close. In fact more and more women are giving up any notion of a career in order to raise children.

Let his word serve as a reminder to thank our mothers, and our wives, for the selflessness shown in caring for us and our children; how much attention and care that is given on all levels at the expense of sleep and while on the brink of collapse. No child’s need is too great and no mother’s mesirus nefesh is ever exhausted. Motherhood has the greatest potential influence in human life. Thank you mom, thank you my dear wife.