Bar Mizvah Lessons

The bar mitzvah boy will receive one-on-one tutoring sessions with Rabbi Shai Gorlin, each lesson will be personalized to meet the needs of the student. All session are conducted online via video conferencing.

  • Learn to read the Torah, Haftarah and Brachos with the correct trope (chant).
  • Study commentaries and engage in discussion on the Torah and Haftarah portions.
  • Prepare a meaningful and personal speech on the parshah.
  • Learn and understand the daily prayers.
  • Learn how to lead the congregation in the Shabbos prayers.
  • Learn how to put on Tefillin and Tallis.
The cost for each bar mitzvah lesson is $40 for a 45 minutes session, the first lesson is a free.

Contact us and take your first step in preparing for your bar mitzvah.

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